Since the acquisition and annotation of real-world data is complex, computer vision datasets only capture a fraction of our continuous world. To cope with unseen conditions, fight biases of the training data, or simply reduce our dependency on data, algorithms may be trained in a weak-/un-supervised fashion. Recently, novel avenues of research have emerged to relax supervision (less labels, less data) for example using multimodal models, generative AI, transfer learning, continual learning, etc. This lets us foresee new frontiers of computer vision, holding immense potential for the African society. This 3rd WSCV edition will gather leading computer vision figures with keynotes and lightning talks on various topics like: zero-shot training, multimodal models / foundational models, open-vocabulary, self-/un-supervised training, diffusion models, robustness and uncertainty estimation; as well as talks on african initiatives.

📢 The workshop will have a poster session showcasing participants works on computer vision.
Best papers will be awarded with a prize 🏆

Invited Speakers

Vicky Kalogeiton

École Polytechnique

Daniel Omeiza

University of Oxford

Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende

Makerere University

Daniel Ajisafe

University of British Columbia

Pierluigi Zama Ramirez

University of Bologna



Call for Papers

We welcome submission of short/regular papers on any computer vision topics, for presentation at the poster session. It can be original or recently published work.

Submission deadline: August 11th 2024 (Anywhere on Earth).
🏆 Best papers will be awarded with a prize. 🏆
Submission website:
The submission website will be opened soon. Stay tuned.

Submissions should be 4 to 8 pages (excluding references pages).
We encourage submissions to use our double-column latex kit but we will accept single/double columns submissions with any format. Anonymity is optional.
We accept submission which are original, under review, or already published.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


Fabio Pizzati
Fabio Pizzati

Oxford Uni.
Tuan-Hung Vu
Tuan-Hung Vu
Andrei Bursuc
Andrei Bursuc

Sileye Ba



Like in previous editions, volunteers are welcome. Just contact us.

Important dates

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